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The Value of Journalling

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

What is #journalling you may be asking?

It is time to reflect and process your feelings, thoughts and emotions in a written way. It can help to give yourself a better understanding of you and your emotions. It is a way of expressing how you feel.

Writing a daily journal at a desk with warm drink

The process of writing down thoughts helps the mind to worry less and feel more at ease, and you can read your writing over again as a way of reflecting upon your journey. You can use your journal for specific things or in a more general way to explore what is going on for you today.

Your journal does not need to be perfect.

Just find some time each day to write, starting it for a short time will hopefully make it feel less overwhelming, try to let go of any judgement and worrying about making mistakes. It does not matter, it is self expression.

Journalling can bring up difficult emotions.

Taking time for yourself and self care afterwards may soothe you. It may become an important part of your journalling routine. It may be that while you are writing it, you also want to show yourself some self care, you can do this by creating a calming atmosphere. Some examples of this are; choosing music you like to listen to, having a hot drink or a cold drink, lighting a candle, snuggling up, whatever feels good to you to ensure you are looking after yourself and your wellbeing. Let the words flow and who knows what you may learn about yourself?

Find clarity.

The value of journalling can be a very powerful tool and bring many benefits to other areas of your life, as you begin to understand more about yourself. I have found journalling to be really valuable and it has helped me to make sense of many feelings and situations in both my personal and professional role as a counsellor. At first, it was a bit scary, I wondered where and how to start, and finding the time was difficult, but once I felt the benefits, journalling became part of my daily routine. It helped me to feel more in control and find clarity.

I hope you feel inspired to give it a go and see where it takes you.

Happy journalling!


If you want to explore any feelings that journalling may have uncovered, I can support you in person or online. You can contact me here

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